Quest for something better

I’ve grown to love minivans. There are at least three minivans I can think of, that I would drive even if I didn’t have to drive around a family full of hooligans. But there is one minivan that I’ve never liked, which is surprising because I think they make a great line of cars.

What Nissan has designed to represent their company in the minivan market has always been unattractive to me. Previous iterations of this minivan looked like some poorly designed space pod that didn’t understand what its purpose was. Nissan tried to make the minivan sexy, and while it is possible to make a minivan look kinda cool (see Toyota’s Sienna), sexy is not the end game when talking minivans.

But the Nissan Quest, in my opinion doesn’t look cool. To me it looks like a half-aborted bread box with wheels on it. And while the reviews seem to be mostly positive (despite the lack of cargo space, no flat folding seats, or the ability to seat 8), I still hate it’s existence even though I’ve never set foot in one. Maybe Nissan can throw me a loaner car for a few months to change my mind though.

Dear Toyota

I heard about your recent issues with spontaneous acceleration. Being a number one auto-maker for years upon years doesn’t count for anything anymore. Sure, you guys may have dropped the ball on addressing this issue a little bit sooner. And the answer is yes, you will pay out the crack in lawyers fees and possible judgments against you.

But to borrow a phrase from the tried and sometimes true book of cliches, with every dark cloud there is a silver lining. I never understood that silver lining in a dark cloud thing because silver linings in dark clouds could be called light ing bolts. (justsayin’)

But let’s ride with that lightning bolt metaphor, because I want to be your lightning bolt of good PR.  In the words of the great Gerald Maguire, “Help me help you.”.  If memory serves me correctly,  the Toyota Sienna has proven to be somewhat of a safe haven in that it doesn’t appear to be affected by the recall issues.  Let’s play to your strengths and get more people talking about how wonderful the Sienna is.  I can do that for you.  Just send me a loaded minivan and a video camera and I promise to blog about the awesomeness of the ‘Swaggerwagon’ on a daily basis.  To use dated business speak, it’s a classic win-win.  Holla at us.

Dig the ad campaign btw: