Worst Summer Ever

It’s been a few months since we last spoke. Well we don’t really speak now do we? I write something on this negligible blog and you politely read (god bless your poor little soul if you do read this) and hopefully think ‘that was amusing’ or ‘this is kind of funny’ or ‘what the?’. But whatever, it’s been a while.

And for what it’s worth, I have had plenty of ideas come into my head about new blog posts that never came to fruition. But, like a good procrastinator I spent my down time doing other things that were even less productive than putting together sentences for a blog that few people read.

It wasn’t all laziness on my part though, let’s just say that a brief spat with unemployment, no summer programs for the kids, triple digit weather, and a drought that doesn’t look like it will let up until next year is exhausting. It’s a recipe for a lot of down time spent together in close quarters; and as big as this house is, it wasn’t big enough this summer.

But all of that is over now. School has started, and it is back to just me and the babies. We’ve had a few outdoor excursions in the minivan since, and I hope to update soon. Until then, this post will serve as a placeholder for more to come.

This post needs a song doesn’t it?