Not the best pic, but there’s Muttonchop putting in work.


Mutton Chop the Yard Man

The crack of dawn is the jump off point. Somewhere between 6:00am, but closer to 7:00am, they arrive with little fanfare. The leader, and his partner (typically a different guy everytime) prepare to begin their day. The engines couldn’t be more than 5 – 10 horsepower, but what they lack in horsepower they make up for in noise.

My neighbor’s landscapers are a ragtag crew of two. The leader, and when I say leader, I mean the guy who arrives on a ten speed bike and brings the equipment, wears salt and pepper mutton chop sideburns, no hair on his top lip, and a trucker hat. He’s one of those old string bean built cats, arms roped with muscles, waist still thin, and if it weren’t for old age, could probably handle a good percentage of guys who wanted to go a round or two. His partner is rarely the same, he seems to rotate about two or three of the local cats that hang out at the liquor store up the street for the job.

It typically takes them about 90 minutes to get the job done. I assume they get in another yard before 10’o clock before the heat of Houston makes it unbearable to do yard work at an advanced age. If they’re industrious, I assume Mutton Chop man gets one or two more yards in before dusk. If he wanted to, he could clear $100/day easy, but something tells me this nothing more than a beer money gig.