Two minivans better than one?


A few months ago, my oldest two children’s daily civil war had me wishing for a larger vehicle.  A larger vehicle you say?  Something more roomy, more comfortable, something more awesome than the minivan?  Agreed, not possible.  However, as of August 6, 2009 the number of children that I will haul around in minivan awesomeness has doubled.  While the Caravan can seat seven relatively comfortably, add three baby seats and five bodies and the Caravan comes up a little short.

The self-improvement set would employ something cliche like ‘With every challenge an opportunity is presented’.  A broken clock is right at least twice a day.  But this an opportunity.  A new vehicle is needed and with a family of eight, why not try and get another minivan?

While the funds are still tight, it doesn’t stop me from pining after the sexiness of this, or the hautness of this, or the American genius of this!  However, the wife is using this opportunity to go after gas guzzling symbols of soccer mom status like this or even this.  It hurts a little, the wife not wanting live the loco life with me in the minivan.  But a man can dream right?