Three Hunnit (words)

In an attempt to force myself to write, a few months ago I attempted to write a post on a daily basis. I tried to keep the word count something low (around 250 – 300) and manageable and worth reading, but it didn’t work out. It didn’t work out simply because I wasn’t disciplined enough to do it.

So while the end of the year is near, and I’m claiming that I like to write, then maybe I should go ahead and do what I can to get daily posts out.

Now anyone who knows anything about anything, knows that typically when quantity increases, quality decreases, and thankfully the quality around these parts aren’t much to be concerned with.

Also, I’m too lazy to go back and see if I posted some kind of lame declaration like this in the past, so if I did, let’s act like we didn’t see it and keep it positive. Onward and upward peoples.

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