There’s Always One

Main problem with parenting triplets, is that there aren’t enough hands to go around. This lack of limbs becomes noticeable when the need to wrangle three toddlers at once is suddenly a task you need to complete. No one needs to experience the Icarus-like fall that comes when you’ve successfully cuffed two-thirds of your triplets, only to have the third scamper off giddily into the distance.

The rare times I can get more than one (in this case obviously two) of them to do what I tell them to do, the third is determined to do something else. Something about the third child, ratchets up the level of disorder exponentially.

Like one time, back when the triplets were first able to walk without worrying about it, I decided I would take them for a leisurely stroll through the park in order to wear them down and get that good down time later that evening. The plan went haywire as soon as we hit the grass. All three of them went three different directions. I figured I could lead them and run in the direction that I wanted them to go, and called each of their names to get their attention. I put more distance between myself and them that I was comfortable with, but two of them decided to follow, the third however, stayed his course giggling with each stride. I ended up chasing him down while telling the other two to stay put. And from then on, I reached and grabbed and chased the triplets from following their own paths for the remainder of our ‘leisurely’ stroll.

Different variations of that day play out now: two want peanut butter and jelly, the other one wants just jelly, two are ready to go to school no problem, the other one wants to stay at home and have a tantrum, two are willing to take a bath got to bed, the other one wants to stay up and hang out. It’s things like this that make me wonder how much easier twins would have been or at least have third arm.


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