Ready. Set…

In an attempt to challenge myself, I joined a personal essay writing workshop through Inprint last month. (which may or may not improve my writing) While I have been writing more, I haven’t been updating the blog like I want. Anyway, I wrote a piece on the concept of the mid-life crisis last week. I’m posting another tiny bit of it here (since I already posted some of it on Monday) that wasn’t totally ripped apart.

I’m still taking in suggestions from the teacher and class, and revising it as we speak. (may post later) But for now I’m cheating, and getting my two post a week requirement out of the way.

Maybe I would feel different about it, if there were fewer things on my life’s to do list that were already scratched off. First, I would need to come up with an actual to do list of things I wanted to do before I could start scratching things off. All of a sudden there was a tug in my belly, telling me that time was quickly running out.

Running out of time, that’s the spark isn’t it? It’s like realizing that the starters pistol that sounded when your mother birthed you into this world, is just now being heard thirty-five, forty, forty-five years later. You look down at your feet and see them still in the starting blocks, that thin crack in the sky has finally triggered a response, and your muscles won’t move as quickly as they used to, but your mind does, and boy does it go.


One thought on “Ready. Set…

  1. Good for you. I’m also trying to challenge myself to improve my writing but I feel like I’m running out of time because I’m getting and feeling old. Great share!

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