Bus Stops

Inspired by the scenery taken in while pushing the minivan through these mean city streets.

She found him more attentive since they left his house. Unprompted, he grabbed her hand when they walked to the bus stop. The sun was streaking shades of purple and orange across the sky. It was getting late. She told her mother, she was staying after school to go to an information session about the debate team. That wasn’t a lie when she told it, she told she wanted to join the debate team since last year.

But at lunch, he asked her to come over after school. His parents would be out of town until Friday. When they arrived at his house, he played some of his father’s old vinyl just for the novelty of looking at the records spin around on the record player. The Isley Brothers were played, and shortly afterward, they began to kiss. He positioned himself in between her, and then made awkward attempts to seduce her.

He stood behind her and rested his chin on her shoulder while they waited on the bus. She couldn’t believed what just happened. She wasn’t mad at him for lying to her or anything, she was just let down by what she expected and what actually happened. She missed the debate team information session for this; and unless they were handing out rejections to people with her name at the door, her time would have been better spent at the info session. He wasn’t to blame though, she just thought he was cute, and also dull, and a little too fast on the draw.

He was saying nice things, not necessarily things that she found flattering or sweet, but things that may have been more effective on someone else. His voice was close enough to her ear, that it gave her a tickle in her neck. She smiled, and he thought he was making a connection, but the tickle triggered her smile, she just wanted to make sure she remembered to see Mrs. Borden tomorrow about the debate team.


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