Flying with the Pigeons

This is random, and well, it’s random. I haven’t been driving the minivan as much as I used to. The morning routine has become radically simplified with the addition of a second vehicle as well as having two of our school aged children ride the school bus. So my moments in the minivan aren’t as frequent as they used to be unfortunately.

But back to the randomness. On the way back home from dropping my son off to school, I came across some pigeons. There was a small flock (I guess they were a flock) of them milling about around some leftover food in the street. I was driving slow because I was in a school zone, but didn’t brake for these pigeons because pigeons know better. I expected them to scatter while I drove through and then double back to whatever it was they were eating. Instead, they scattered and flew the same direction I happened to be driving. For a brief moment, maybe 5 or 6 seconds it felt like I was flying. I don’t think we were in any formation or anything, but…I told you it was random.

Kind of felt like the opening credits to Dr. Strangelove.


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