Como se dice fresa sosa?

the new morning beverage?

the new morning beverage?

It’s a simple, yet slightly odd request.  In the morning rush of your local McDonald’s drive thru,  enjoying a strawberry soda with a sausage biscuit doesn’t make much sense.  I mean really, who orders a strawberry soda with a sausage biscuit?  However,  is it more odd than one of those strawberry sundaes?  How about the slightly less wonderful strawberry shake?  Stranger still is that both of these alternatives were offered to us completely ready to be consumed by a willing employee. 

But there was a problem.  The lady at the window didn’t speaka de Ingles.   Communication is a key component of good customer service.  And on a good day, the language barriers of my Mexican brothers and sisters from South of the border don’t bother me much.  But you start messing with my Mickey D’s?  I think I’m just gonna have to learn Spanish.


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